Receive Weekly Face Yoga Video Session Training Designed For You To Develop And Maintain A Youthful, Sculpted Sexy Face…!

Each and every week for 24 weeks you’ll receive a strategically-structured series of powerful sets of face yoga training video sessions that are developed to give your entire face a leaner, sexier and more-defined look!

The facial muscles that you’ll be exercising through the 24-week program will tone and natural lift your face for a more youthful appearance.

Here are few of the benefits:

  • Exercise your facial muscles for a younger-looking face
  • Remove (or prevent) dark circles and puffy eyes!
  • Help to remove or keep those wrinkles at bay!
  • Tone up the entire face – mouth, brow and cheek!
  • Relieve facial muscle tension for a youthful new look!

Week #1 and 2 – Facial Stimulation Exercises (pt 1/2)

Of all the 850 muscles in the human body, the facial muscles receive the least amount of exercise, and are often subject to the maximum amount of stress.

Think about all the many times you curl your lips up in a scowl, or wrinkle your forehead – without even realizing it!

And so, the first two weeks of the Ultimate Face Transformation program are dedicated to stimulating your facial muscles so that they become more responsive overall.

Week #3 and 4 – Upper Face Strengthening

The third and fourth weeks of the Ultimate Face Transformation program focuses on the Upper Half of your face – your eyes, forehead and cheeks.

Reduce the puffiness in the area between your upper eyelids and eyebrows. As a result, your eyebrows look more arched, defined and sculpted.

Firm the loose skin around your eyes and wipe away fine lines and crow’s feet, while filling out fine lines on your forehead.

Week #5 and 6 – Lower Face Strengthening

The fifth and sixth weeks of the UFT Program focuses on the Lower Half of your face – your mouth, lips, jaw line and neck.

Tone away any fine lines and smooth your neckline while reducing saggy skin on your neck and lifting any jowls

Counter those unsightly ‘smile lines’ that form around your mouth.

Tighten, tone, and firm the sagging skin and dropping muscles of your cheeks to uncover and sculpt your cheekbones while melting away any excess cheek fat.

Week #7 and 8 – Cheekbone Definition

Week Seven is dedicated to enhancing your cheekbones and slimming down your cheeks, to thus bring out the natural, graceful contours of your face.

Sculpt your cheekbones, while also making your muscles and skin more supple and flexible so that they are less prone to aging and wrinkles.

Define your cheekbones, while working away the puffiness and flab from your cheeks to reveal flawless facial contours!

Lift your cheeks and fill out the hollows under your eyes.

Week #9 and 10 – Forehead and Eyelid Smoothing

The Ninth and Tenth week of the 24-Week Ultimate Program focuses on your forehead and eyelids, toning away any puffiness in this area, while also filling in any fine lines and wrinkles to make you look more youthful and radiant!

Diminish the appearance of frown lines between your eyebrows, even out any fine lines on your forehead and raise your eyebrows. Also, tone away the hooded effect on your upper eyelids that is caused by age, lack of exercise and the effect of gravity.

Smooth away the crows’ feet at the outer corners of your eyes, while also correcting any droopiness in your lower eyelids.

Week #11 and 12 – Jaw-line Smoothing

Through Weeks Eleven and Twelve, you’ll discover how – with just a little time, patience and dedication – to tone and define your jaw line.

Firm the underside of your chin, work away that double chin and prevent any sag and puffiness in this area.

Chisel away your sagging jowls, and wipe away those nasty age lines around your neck, revealing a firmer and more angular YOU!

Week #13 and 14 – Neck Toning

Through Week Thirteen and Fourteen, you’ll learn just what it takes to smooth away the puffiness and loose skin from your neck, to accentuate your natural, graceful youth and attractiveness!

Tone, firm and smooth away any fine lines and saggy skin under your neck, while also draining away any excessive fluid accumulated in this area.

Eliminate your double chin and sagging jowls, making you look years younger and sexier!

Week #15 and 16 – Pout Enhancement

Week Fifteen and Sixteen guide you through everything you need to know about enhancing your natural pucker, without the dangers and expense of cosmetic surgery.

Erase any crinkles or ‘smoker’s lines’ around your lips as well as the lines between your nostrils and the corners of your mouth

Lifts up the corners of your mouth bringing back the lost firmness and youth of this area

Week #17 – Face Sculpting (Lower Face)

Through this final phase of the 24-Week Ultimate Program, you’ll learn some of the most advanced, proven techniques to get your facial muscles in shape… and keep them that way, for life!

Tone away your double chin and any saggy skin in the front of your neck and create a smooth, wrinkle-free neck and a firm jaw line.

Smooth out any fine lines and puffiness around your lips, and restore the natural arch of your lips to create a luscious, all-natural pout.

Make your cheekbones more prominent, by burning the flab away from your cheeks to sculpt and define them.

Week #18 – Face Sculpting (Upper Face)

Week 18 continues with Advanced Face Sculpting from last week, but now moves to your upper face.

Wipe away ‘frown lines’ and unsightly crease in your forehead

Tone and smooth the puffiness and fine lines from the delicate skin and muscles around your eyes

Rejuvenate the delicate muscle and skin around your upper and lower eyelids, keeping them youthful, toned and crease-free.

Week #19 – Face Sculpting (Part 1/6)

Week 19 begins the first of 6 final weeks of Face Sculpting exercises.  They are more advanced and offer exercises from your neck all the way up to your forehead.

Wipe away ‘frown lines’ and unsightly crease in your forehead

Tone and smooth the puffiness and fine lines from the delicate skin and muscles around your eyes

Rejuvenate the delicate muscle and skin around your upper and lower eyelids, keeping them youthful, toned and crease-free.

Week #20 – Face Sculpting (Part 2/6)

Week 20 continues the whirlwind of Face Sculpting with 5 more effective and refreshing exercises.

Tighten and firm your forehead

Smooth out the creases from your upper eyelid, and work the puffiness away, to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Smooth the lines away from the corners of your mouth and chin.

Reduce facial puffiness, or work away your chubby cheeks, as well as enhance your facial muscle tone if you have a narrow, gaunt face.

Week #21 – Face Sculpting (Part 3/6)

Week 21 continues with Ultimate Face Transformation’s final Face Sculpting weeks.  Part 3 brings another 5 exercises for your entire face.

Firm the muscles of your neck, tone away your sagging jowls, and make the corners of your mouth lift upwards

Tone and firm the muscles in your forehead and eyebrow area

Smooth the puffiness away from your eyelids and tone the delicate skin and muscles around your eyes, working away any fine lines and wrinkles in this area.

Fill out any fine lines and wrinkles above your upper lip, and also refresh and rejuvenate your eyes.

Week #22 – Face Sculpting (Part 4/6)

Week 22 and part 4 of 6 of the Face Sculpting segment brings back a couple of advanced exercises you have done already to really strengthen and tone those areas of your face that need it the most.

Sculpt, tone and smooth the delicate skin and muscles around your eyes and on your forehead.

Tone, firm and smooth away any fine lines and saggy skin under your neck

Tone away any puffiness from the front of your neck, to reduce your double chin and sagging jowls.

Fill and plump out your lips, while also smoothing any creases above your upper lip.

Week #23 – Face Sculpting (Part 5/6)

Week 23 continues with Part 5 of 6 of the final Face Sculpting phase.  This phase will concentrate more on the upper-half of your face.

Reduce under-eye-puffiness, fill out under-eye hollows and tighten the muscles around your eyes, making them look larger and brighter.

Increase the circulation of blood and nutrients to your eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Clear away any fine lines and saggy skin, working away those sagging jowls and the puffiness around your mouth.

Diminish the appearance of frown lines between your eyebrows, even out any fine lines on your forehead and raise your eyebrows.

Week #24 – Face Sculpting (pt 6/6)

Week 24 signals the final week of the Face Sculpting phase and final week of the Ultimate Face Transformation program. It features 5 extremely power exercises for your entire face.

Fill in any fine lines and wrinkles around your lips, and wipe away ‘frown lines’ and unsightly creases on your forehead

Rejuvenate the delicate muscle and skin around your upper and lower eyelids, keeping them youthful, toned and crease-free.

Tone away your sagging jowls and firm the underside of your chin, preventing any sag and puffiness in this area

Highlights the apples of your cheeks by toning away the puffiness around them, while also defining your cheekbones.

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