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Lift Droopy Eyelids & Sagging Eyebrows - FaceFitnessCenter.com

Lift Droopy Eyelids & Sagging Eyebrows

Natural Eye LiftThe reasons behind why we develop droopy eyelids can vary, but the most common cause is age-related. Simply put, the older we get, the stronger the pull of gravity becomes, and before we know it, our skin sags and our eyelids begin to fall or droop. Regardless of the reason we develop droopy eyelids, however, we all have one thing in common: we want to get rid of them!

Several popular options are available to reverse droopy eyelids, but all of them except one have mild to severe risks associated with them. The only option available that is free of any side effects at all is a daily regimen of specifically targeted facial exercises. Not only is this a highly effective way to combat droopy eyelids, but, compared to the ongoing cost of injections and the sky high cost of cosmetic surgery, this option is also very inexpensive.


Aging is the primary cause of droopy eyelids. As we age, our muscles deteriorate and our skin begins to sag because it is no longer being supported by the now-deteriorated muscle. This is true of all areas of our bodies, but unfortunately its affect is most visible on our faces.

Other causes of droopy eyelids can include facial trauma (including surgery) and genetics, among other, less frequently diagnosed causes. (It’s important to consult your doctor if you experience a sudden onset of droopy eyelid symptoms, as this is not normal.)

Since our faces represent us to the world at large, we want them to look as healthy as possible for as long as possible, and, at some point in our lives, we may feel the need to search out remedies that can enhance our appearance, including the reversal of droopy eyelids.


The best path toward improving physical appearance is always the natural path. There are things that can be done every day to help combat the onset of droopy eyelids.

For example, doctors recommend staying hydrated, increasing vitamin C intake, avoiding sodium, and ensuring that we get enough sleep. Those are good bits of advice for anyone to follow, and while they may help prolong the onset, those actions alone won’t prevent droopy eyelids altogether.

Dangers of BotoxBotox injections have become the go-to option for so many who are searching for a more youthful appearance that the side effects, which can be significant, are often overlooked. The risks involved with having Botox injections include permanent nerve damage, dry eye or excessive tearing, vision problems, loss of bladder control, and, yes, even droopy eyelids!

Aside from the alarming side effects, in order for Botox injections to continue being effective, the process has to be repeated every three to six months, and at a cost of around $350 per appointment, that can add up fast.

What is the best argument against having Botox injections to help reverse the appearance of droopy eyelids? Botox has been shown to be only mildly effective in reversing droopy eyelids so, considering the cost and potential side effects, overall, it’s just not worth the cost and risk.

Over time the risks and side-effects of Botox have been steadily increasing.

Of course, cosmetic surgery is an option.   And when done right by a skilled surgeon, the effects can last for several years. But, there is literally no way to know whether or not the surgeon selected will do a good job (everyone has ‘off’ days), and this is the option that comes with the highest risk of severe side effects.

The list is long, too: infection, permanent noticeable scarring, asymmetry in healing, secretions at the incision site, decrease in or loss of vision due to retrobulbar hemorrhaging (also causes eyeball protrusion), double vision due to eye misalignment, under correction (not enough skin removed), overcorrection (too much skin removed), permanent numbness of the eyelids, and swelling or bruising, among others.  The risk of complications can also be exacerbated by thyroid problems and glaucoma.

Aside from the risks involved with cosmetic surgery, there are multiple inconveniences associated with it, beginning even before the surgery. These include the requirement to follow a special diet, taking (or not taking) certain medications, scheduling pre-op physicals and eye exams, and dealing with the pain and after care involved (limiting activity, keeping head elevated, combating swelling, headaches).

If that’s not enough, it could be up to six months before the scarring completely fades (if it doesn’t become permanent) and the patient sees the final results of the $2000 to $6000 procedure. If the patient is not happy with the results, he or she will be faced with the reality of having to have corrective surgery, and that will start the difficult process all over for them again.

By far, the most ideal treatment for droopy eyelids is in the daily practice of performing specific facial exercises targeted at building the muscle around the eyelids. These exercises, when done correctly and diligently, will reduce or eliminate droopy eyelids, and there will be no side effects to deal with since there is no injection of foreign elements and no traumatizing of the body through surgery.

Natural remedies are always the first choice when dealing with any condition, and droopy eyelids are no exception.

By eating right, reducing sodium, increasing fluids, and getting enough rest and exercise, we can all live better. When adding in the natural remedy of performing daily strategic facial exercises to reverse droopy eyelids, we can all look better, too.

 Try This Facial Exercise

The delicate area around your eyes undoubtedly receives the least exercise as compared to your other facial muscles, and is also the most vulnerable to the ravages of age, time and gravity. This is further compounded by habits like squinting, which makes the skin and muscles weak and flabby.

The Eyebrow Arch-creator counters these problems by strengthening and toning your Corrigator Supercilii and Orbicularis Oculi muscles to reduce the puffiness in the area between your upper eyelids and eyebrows. As a result, your eyebrows look more arched, defined and sculpted.

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