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Natural Remedy to Sagging Neck - FaceFitnessCenter.com

Natural Remedy to Sagging Neck

Sagging Neck & Aging…Let the Battle Begin!Battle Aging

Try as hard as we might, we just can’t overcome the effects of gravity and aging.  While sunblock can help prevent skin damage, over time the sun will win alot of our battles with aging.

The trifecta of gravity, aging and the sun work together to ravage our skin and cause unsightly conditions such as sagging necks.

Of course, there is a billion dollar industry out there just waiting to add your money to its stack by luring you in with high-priced surgery and ineffective creams, but each of those comes with both a physical and financial price tag that can be avoided altogether.


By following a regimen of specifically targeted facial exercises, you can fight the signs of aging and reverse the effects of a sagging neck without undergoing risky, painful surgery or slathering your neck with creams that make promises they can’t deliver.


The causes of a sagging neckline are varied, with aging being the most common factor. As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and supportive muscle, which are required to maintain firm skin.

Aside from aging, exposure to the sun and gravity, smoking (it dehydrates the skin) and weight loss (especially dramatic weight loss) can also cause sagging skin around the neck.


These first few things you probably already know, but are you actually doing it?  

The best way to help in the fight against sagging skin is to take preventive measures to keep it from happening in the first place. For example, if you currently smoke, you should quit. Obviously, there are many reasons to quit smoking, and preventing premature aging of the skin is one of them. Avoiding the sun and using sunblock will help as well, along with drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. You’ve heard all of those tips before though, and you know that eventually they just aren’t enough.

Once the skin in the neck does begin to sag, you may search for other treatment options. Skin creams, laser treatments and surgery are all available options, but each has its own down side.

But did you know this…

When you use a specific set of highly effective facial exercises designed specifically to target your sagging neckline, however, there is no down time, there are no side effects and, relative to the cost of every other treatment option available, these exercises cost virtually nothing.

Skin creams can be used as part of a daily skin regimen to help keep your skin hydrated, but if you’re looking to reverse sagging skin at the neckline, you’ll end up paying a high price for specialty creams that won’t deliver their promised results. You’ll also be stuck paying for them over and over because any minimal effects that do result from the use of skin creams will only last for as long as you’re using the product.

In addition to the ongoing expense associated with this option, you may have to contend with side effects such as the development of acne, greasy feeling skin, clogged pores, built up residue on your neck, and even an allergic reaction that may cause a rash.

What about laser treatments…

Laser treatments are costly and, like creams, continued treatments are required in order to maintain the results.During the procedure, tiny pulses of heat are directed at the affected areas in order to remove several layers of skin. This process leaves the skin raw and red, and it can cause swelling, scarring, headaches, and infection. Also, if you go into the sun after the procedure (especially for the first few months) without having first applied sunscreen, sun spots will develop on the treated area.

Additionally, any number of website search results will show doctors who discourage this form of treatment for sagging necks simply because, based on the skin’s location, these are not particularly effective treatments.

So, laser treatments for the reversal of sagging neck skin are one of the least attractive options available. When you also factor in the cost-prohibitive price tag of $2000 to $5000 per treatment, it’s clear that laser treatment is not the way to go.

Cosmetic surgery options are available to remove sagging neck skin and fat, and the results can be effective. However, the recovery time and pain, the cost, and the fact that it will be weeks, or even months, before you see the final results, makes this the least attractive option.

The cost alone keeps most people from being able to pursue this option, since most of us don’t have $3000 to $8000 lying around. Even those who do have the money often avoid the surgery because of the associated risks and aftercare involved. These include the loss of weeks of work due to recovery, insertion of drainage tubes which can cause infection and additional pain, infection at the incision points and under the skin, excessive scarring, and uncertainty about the results. Keep in mind that it can be weeks, or even months before you see the results, and if the doctor did a poor job you’ll be the only one paying the price.

So is any of this worth it?

You can avoid all of the cost and complications associated with the various treatments available by going the completely natural route of instituting a targeted daily facial exercise routine. These facial exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, take less than 20 minutes a day for each routine, and will build the necessary muscle and structure to tighten your neckline and reverse the effects of sagging skin.

Of course, you will want to take other steps as well, such as increasing fluid intake (minimize alcohol, as it dehydrates skin), using sunblock, and quitting smoking. But, those are all natural, and, when used in conjunction with your targeted neck exercise routine, you will see results quickly with no side effects at all. Well, there is one side effect… a smoother, firmer neckline!

Is a sagging neck the first thing you see when you look in the mirror?  If your jowls have become too loose and are starting to hang, there are steps you need to take right now to prevent from continuing!

And there are exercises you can start doing immediately too 🙂




The Neck Definer targets three different muscle groups – namely the Platysma or the thin muscular layer at the front of your neck, the Sternomastoid muscles along the sides of your neck and the Mentalis muscle at the tip of your chin. This exercise tones, firms and smooths away any fine lines and saggy skin under your neck, while also draining away any excessive fluid accumulated in this area.

Jaw Exercise



 The Jaw-na-conda works the Mentalis, Masseter and Modiolus muscles to tone away your sagging jowls and define your jawline. This exercise also helps to firm the underside of your chin, preventing any sag and puffiness in this area.